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Yep, and as I've told you a NUMBER of times over the years NOT because of it being "left wing",  but PRIMARILY because I got tired of fighting the crowds and traffic caused by the massive influx of people streaming to one of the most desirable areas in the world to live and work, and due to that state's pleasant weather and abundant job opportunities. And thus, the very reason housing prices are once again sky-high there, compared to your little backwater neck of the woods.


That ol' "Supply and Demand" principle in play here, ya see.


AND, once one gets to their retirement age, finding a nice smaller and quieter and slower paced location to retire to, and regardless IF that location happens to be within a so-called "red" or "blue" state, is something MANY people throughOUT this country tend to do, IF they're lucky enough to have the financial resources to do it.


( I had/have)

Here in my little backwater neck of the woods we do too get former California residents who sold their homes for a tidy sum then come here buy one that is better for half the costs and put the rest in the bank. 


There is no state tax on social security, IRA withdrawals and other pension funds. They are happy campers. Have met some of these folks and they are all white.


Have a nice day.

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Los Angeles TimesVerified account @latimes 19h19 hours ago

Ahead of showdown over who will lead California Democrats, "Berniecrats" have a message: "We don't have to behave"


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