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Looking for two movie titles

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I may have asked this first one before, so if you answered once upon a time, I apologize.  The film is a western in which a female saloon keeper - A Miss Kitty type - is always squaring off with a preacher from outside of town. I can't remember who played either part. In the end I think that the saloonkeeper shoots the preacher - I can't remember if she kills him - and then finds out he is in fact her estranged sister's husband. I would appreciate the title. I don't think I have seen it on TV anywhere in the last 25 years.


The second film is a more modern one. It stars Robert Carradine. He is suffering from some mental illness or social anxiety, and he is on a camping trip that includes a woman who does not have any of these problems. She is building fires, fishing, etc. and acting very confident. Carradine then has a conversation with her at the campsite in the dark basically mentioning all of the things that she CAN do and that not he nor any of the women he knows can do any of these things. Carradine has a long list of TV movies to his name, so it would take lots of time to whittle them down and figure out which one is this film. I do not know if it was made for TV or just on TV.


Thanks ahead of time for any help you can give me.

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