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Searching for old movie - WWII spy?

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I'm placing this post in a few different genre areas of the forum, in the hopes of it reaching a wider audience, 

I’m searching for the title of an old movie I saw on TV long ago as a small child. I can recall several (hopefully identifying) details that may make identification easy. Here’s what I can tell you –

Around probably 1960, when I was six years old, I saw what was possibly a WWII espionage film. The parts of the plot that I can recall are these:

A main character (the good guy, or GG for later simplification), while watching surreptitiously (spying?) from behind a bank of shrubs, witnessed the nighttime launch of an experimental rocket belonging to an adversarial power. The flare of bright light from the rocket’s engine was so bright as to blind the hidden observer (remember – he was outdoors at night – his eyes were accustomed to darkness – the bright rocket flame was damaging).

After the launch, he was somehow discovered and captured. In his blinded state, with his head wrapped with bandaging over his eyes, he was interrogated and tortured by a number of ‘bad guys’ (BG’s. Nazis? Was the rocket a V2?) One of his torturers remained silent as he was beating the GG; somehow during all this, the GG was able to touch/grab the BG’s hand and, by sense of touch, tell that he was wearing a (and this is the phrase that was used, and which has always stuck with me) ‘coiled snake signet ring’. That bit of info will play a large part later on.

Somehow, the GG ended up recuperating in a hospital, with a number of his allies by his bedside, as he recounted the story of the rocket, his capture, his beating, etc. I’ve no idea how he escaped his torturers and made it to the hospital. One of visitors was seen by the GG as wearing a coiled snake signet ring, and was thus identified as a spy/traitor/whatever.

That’s all I can recall. It certainly seems like a WWII spy movie; the feel of it, and the images that remain stuck with me, is very similar to the James Cagney film, ‘13 Rue Madeleine’.

Since my memories of this are well over 50 years old, it’s possible that this wasn’t a film, but maybe a TV drama program, so I’m willing to be called out on that error. Regardless, this is something that for many, many years I’ve wondered about, and would love to have the chance to see. Thanks in advance for any help.


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The only movie I remember with the snake ring was the Robert Young movie Joe Smith American, but he was a normal guy .

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Astounding; that's exactly it!  Thank you!


I'm conflating the portion about the rocket glare blindness from another film; but after reading this film's description in Wikipedia, this is it.


I don't see that it's on DVD or Netflix; I'll see what other searches I can make that might turn up a viewable copy for me.


Thanks again; you've answered a life-long question.



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