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The Freshman (1925)

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With his glasses, and somewhat scholarly expression, Harold  Lloyd indeed looks like a college student.  Not necessarily a freshman, more of a senior, or grad student, or young professor, but it's close enough.  The Criterion transfer screened on TCM looked great.   The crisp black & white almost turns into a magical color, particularly the striped sport jackets worn by the band playing music at the party where poor Harold experiences seat of his pants (literally) tailoring issues.   Those jackets simply pop off the screen. 


Lloyd, as Harold Lamb, aka Speedy, is a typically nice fellow taken advantage by the typical assortment of crude jocks.   He attracts friends because he buys them ice cream.  Lloyd finally gets his chance to play in a football game, the big game, Tate vs. Union State.  Harold comes up big for Tate, in what is simply a thrilling shot of Harold running as fast as he can to score the game winning touchdown.  He's now the hero, and gets the girl, Jobyna Ralston, who loved him at first sight, whether he made the football team or not. 


Praise goes to Carl Davis, for the musical score on the Criterion restoration.  And also to Walter Lundin, for his striking camera  work.

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