Time Out 100 Best Animated Films

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If you include short cartoons, the list would have to include a lot more than 100. In fact, cartoons are probably at their greatest under an hour. Yes, there are many outstanding features too but the string of masterpieces in shorter length is endless. Plus, sometimes the most ambitious works come in smaller packaging. Yuriy Norshteyn's The Hedgehog and the Fog can hold its own against any Disney feature.

Sticking to features running over an hour, my personal favorite is probably Starewicz's Tale of the Fox. Among the Disney output: The Three Caballeros, Mars and Beyond and Bambi are my top three. I also like Jiri Trnka's stop-motion features a lot, but only The Emperor's Nightingale with Boris Karloff narrating (U.S. version) is easily available on DVD. Many regard Prince Bayaya (or Bajaja) his masterpiece, but I have only seen excerpts. That is a key problem: fewer classic international animated features are available in the U.S. compared to live-action material.


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