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Irving Berlin's "Alexander's Ragtime Band" (1938)

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It's one of my least favorites, and I mainly blamed Don Ameche for it. I never cared for Mr. Ameche. He seemed a nebbish lead. But in the past year, this appraisal has been shaken. When I got the Betty Grable set, I discovered that I really enjoyed Mr. Ameche in Down Argentine Way! That shook my faith. Now the other night I enjoyed his playing of the Baron in That Night in Rio. He played a double-role in this movie and while I found the character of Larry Martin annoying, I like the Baron. Since they're both played by Ameche, I had to give him kudos for the differences in the roles.


So perhaps it's time for me to revisit Alexander's Ragtime Band? It's been years since I've seen it. Maybe I'm on the cusp of my Ameche years...


P.S. The title song, with its simplistic melody and hokey lyrics wasn't Berlin's best; but "What'll I Do?" and "Remember" are swell!

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It's also one of my least favorites so far, Alice Faye is nice but the nature of her allure may have partially eluded me.


I didn't mind Ameche at all, at least he seemed like a warm presence in comparison to Tyrone Power's rather uptight character -- and this coming from someone who likes TP.


The DVD has a nice Biography channel program on Alice Faye as an extra that's about 50 minutes. I enjoyed watching all the clips from her movies, and there's a few of them I hope to be catching soon.


Oh yeah, watching this one after Week-End in Havana left me with the impression that Havana was more fun, Cesar Romero wasn't just a typical Latin Don Juan, he actually got to use his comic gifts quite well, and he has nice chemistry with Carmen Miranda, teasing her in Spanish and having a grand time at it! ;)

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