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Money from Home in 3D

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I happen to be a 3D fan.Olive films,which owns money from home,the only 3d film Jerry Lewis  and Dean Martin did,was going to be put out on 3D -blu ray.All of a sudden olive films changed their and decided to put it only on 2d. This is very unfair to us 3D fans.I put out a petition in change,org to pressure Olive films to put  the 3D version out.This movie was not premiered in 3D until the 3D film festival at the Egyptian theater in Hollywood cal,sometime back. Their decision is selfish and probably greedy,Change,org requires  me to have five signature before they put this petition out to the public website  for everyone to see.I only got one and I need 4 more,If you agree with me and are a three d fan .Is there any one out their who would lend me this name to fill 4 signature to make this petition active? If your a true  fan of 3d classic you be willing to do this before it's to late. 

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I'm a 3D addict, but am just seeing your post.  Is there a link to where I would need to add my signature.  I wouldn't even think of buying the film in 2D.

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