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$150 Best Buy Gift Certificat to winner.

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I am new to this forum and would like to start here the right way. I have $150 in Best Buy Gift Cards that I am putting up for the prize. Just answere the following Questions Correct. . Good Luck


This is a series of 9 questions. (I've tried to make them as ungoogleable as possible but thats damn hard).


2 guesses per calender day Good luck and THANK YOU ALL for making this website what it is!


1. In ?Rio Bravo?, how many bundles of Dynamite did Walter Brennan throw for Chance and Dude to shoot?


2. In ?12 Angry men? (the Hank Fonda original version) only 10 of the 12 walked into the room wearing neckties. Of the 10, who was the next juror to remove his?


3. In ?The hunt for Red October? at what distance did James Earl Jones purposely detonate a torpedo fired at Red October?


4. In ?Back to the Future III? what was the original name of the Ravine to be called Clayton ravine and then Eastwood ravine?


5. From ?The Music Man? as Professor Harold Hill entered River City he ask for a hotel recommendation. What hotel was suggested?


6. From ?The Man who shot Liberty Valance? The restaurant kept a tally of the meals Sheriff Appleyard owed them for on a blackboard. How many meals did it show?


7. In ?Down Periscope? Ensign 'Sonar' Lovacelli identifies the ?Orlando? by the sound of money falling from a seamans pocket. How much and what denominations were they?


8. From ?Doctor Detroit?. Had Dan Ackroyd decided to make a sequel it would have been titled this??


9. From ?Tombstone? Curly Bill walks up to Wyatt?s Faro table and places a bet. He wins. With what card did he win and how much did he win?

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