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Sci-fi movie or TV show where a guy is cut in half by a sliding door!

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It would have been from around 1964 - 1967. I was watching something on TV where a crew member (of what, I don't remember) didn't have enough time to get through some sort of geometrical sliding metal door and it was implied that he got cut in half. I think he screamed as the door closed on him and then they cut away. Presumable he was running from something or trying to get on a ship in time, something like that.

It gave me nightmares!

Anyone have any idea what this was? Maybe a sci-fi movie, or an episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea?


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There is a scene like that in "The Atomic Submarine" from 1959. The scene is on YouTube.

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Thanks scsu!


I just watched it on YouTube. That could very well be it! I'm not 100% sure, since it was so long ago, but it fits my memory of it pretty well. I was thinking that the door was round -- and there you have it: a round door!

Thanks again!



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