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Chuck V.

The Pleasure Garden versions

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Just saw the version of The Pleasure Garden that Open Culture links to. It's the one that the Daily Dose was clipped from, the one with Japanese subtitles overlaid.


It runs only about an hour.* According to the IMDb, there are other versions that range from 75 to 92 minutes. Does anyone know anything about the availability of these (apparently) more complete versions?




*This version starts with the credit, "A Rohauer Film Collection Release." Raymond Rohauer was notorious for claiming the rights to films that he didn't have clear title to and would even re-edit public domain films in order to create a new copyright for himself. Granted, some of these films might have been lost completely without his profiteering efforts.

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During the 2012 restoration of  9 early Hitchcock films, 20 minutes were added back to the Pleasure garden, see


So the complete film should run abnout 80 minutes. As far as I know this version is not yet available anywhere on DVD or Blu-ray.

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