*Shirley MascLaine on an older episode of Larry King picked her "Essential Films"

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this was about a decade ago or so & I have a very persoinal family take on this **** well


My mother was at the time the shortest NYC Rockett-(cuirca 18962) at barekly 5'3.  She got to work with the likes of *George Burns, Carol Channing, Arthur Godfrey& Ricky Nellson-(but the latter the girls disliked because they found him very off-putting & snobby0 as it later turned out, Nelson was painfully shy & would even go into the closet when his parents had nelson was just incredibally shy, so much so he considered his guitar his #1 companion & would take that into the closest with him all-the time


The NYC Rockett gals further thought him a snob when he'd even take his bodyguards into the bathroom with him!


At any rate, this wasn't pt of her regular Rockettes class, but in mid Manhattan in NYC at a famed dancer George Ballanchine's ballet class-(also around 19962-63) & working out right next to my mum all day was *Shirley MacLaine-(l934-)  She was a good decade older & My mother showed some coolness by not inquiring Shirley about her films,etc   she says she had the "Irma La Douce" hairstyle at the time

Anyway, they talk, grunted,etc a bit together especially on the ballet bar.   What brings it & her to mind is I just watched that Larry King-(l933-) interview a few weeks ago & Larry put the question to her that us TCM-ITE'S always love to ponder "What Are Your Top 3-5 Favorite Fims?" & without missing a beat she immediately said *"Lawrence of Arabia"  "Inherit the Wind" *"Terms of  Endearment"-(NOTE: Years ago it went around that her fasv. role was in '58's "Some Came Running" apparently not, it's *"Terms" & she did add that it was fun to make, except for 1 cast member, being Debra Winger! & I recall the horror stories most had working with Winger. Maybe why we don't see her much anymore? But, she is the voice of  "E.T."

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