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Hello! I saw a movie that I believe was made in the 80's or 90's. It's based on a true story about an American independent company that was contracted for some sort of construction work somewhere in Arabia. The day he landed there he had nothing but head-aches. The hotel was not suitable but was forced to stay there for a few days until his emirate client took him to his lavish home and was invited to stay there as his guest. The next day he discovered that his traveling papers and passport were confiscated. The shipped materials were on the docks for about a month, and they ( his host ) advised by a friend ( whom I believe was played by Billy Bob Thornton) that it was expected for him to pick up the docking tab-a financial burden he never expected to pay. At the client's home (where he resided as his guest) his client showed him a suitcase of all the money owing to him as well as his passport and traveling papers. They showed it to him, and then closed the suit-case saying that he will get this AFTER THE JOB IS DON.He then realized that they were never going to let him leave ( his male client was in love with him). He moved out of the house where he was staying. A spy was constantly watching him in plain sight at his new place of residence. With the aid of his friend he found a way to leave the country; and that was by being put into a box crate and flown to an American land or American occupied land. The company whom he represented never recovered from the loss and went bankrupt. Would anyone know the title of this film?

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