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Help for a movie title

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Hello. I once saw a film that I believed was made in the 80's or around that time. It is about a group of terrorists who highjacked a plane. This one stewardess saved the situation by gaining sympathy by some of the terrorist; one even asked her if she would marry him ( she sang a popular German folk-song. I think it was MUSS I DENN). In time she managed to get all the woman passengers off the plane. Sitting in a seat beside the terrorist he even trusted her enough to pass the gun to her. She then pointed the gun at the terrorist, but the courage to shoot him-or whatever-just wasn't there and with a condescending smile the terrorist reclaimed the gun but remained sympathetic to the stewardess. I honestly believed that the head terrorist was played by Robert Davi, but in checking on IMDb, didn't find the title. The name urusela comes to mind too. It could be part of the title (such as the urusela.... story) but didn't find it on the IMDb either. It could be the name of a German actress, but came up with O on that search too. She managed to save all of the passengers ( if my memory serves me correctly) from serious danger, and she survived the ordeal as well. Would you know the name of this movie?

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