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So, I saw a black and white movie on TV years ago, but I can't remember the tite. Here is some of the plot:


A man is on a boat (I want to say in Italy, but I'm not sure), and he asks the boatman about a cottage on the riverbank. The boatman says that an old lady lives there. Her son was super smart, so she and her husband saved up to send him to school. Instead, the kid ran off and became a bandit. The husband died of a broken heart, but the kid still sends his mom bandit money and she has it buried in the back yard or something. The guy in the boat acts super interested, and the implication is that he wants to steal it. But when he goes to the cottage, it turns out that he is the old lady's son, and they laugh about how everyone thinks he's a bandit. He is actually rich now and posing as a noble. Later on, some king or something finds out he isn't a noble, and wants to gouge out his eyes with a red hot poker. Then the guy's shady friend offers to do it with his thumbs. The king thinks that would be funny and lets him do it. But it was some kind of trick, and the guy still has his eyeballs. Everyone is freaked out about that when he comes back to the castle and takes it over.


Anyone know this one?

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