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with the price of cable and/or satellite tv climbing obnoxiously, and the price of netflix/hulu/prime etc coming to a third of the cost, it is time to be rid of cable/satellite.  the absolute ONLY thing i shall really miss is TCM....but $250/mo just to watch one channel is just not practical.  is there ANY way to continue receiving  i see the "watch tcm", but it requires you to have one or the other of the above greedy services.  i would gladly pay a monthly fee to continue receiving tcm...but as far as i can tell, that's not even an option.


am i missing something?



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Two hundred and fifty dollars per MONTH! ?

What madness.

The bill for my entire monthly use of electronics is $37. $14 for www connection; $0.00 for TV (I don't watch TV at all); and merely $20 for a cheap throwaway emergency phone, (more like a pager).  No "cable" or "dish"; no wires or chargers; no video games, no streaming media, no blu-ray, no flatscreens or touchscreens, no smart -devices; no "music service", no "subscriptions" to anything, no nuttin', get outta here, go away, leave me alone!

A bookshelf of good books; a dinky little stereo system; birds chirping in the tree outside my window; and a bottle of rye whiskey is all I need.

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I see this is an old thread, but AT&T has introduced Watch TV for $15 a month, a no-frills (no DVD) streaming service that includes TCM.


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