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Princess of Tap

The Fruits of White Supremacy-- Murder and Violence

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2 hours ago, TomJH said:

A terrorist is a terrorist. Period.

Trump only condemns the Islamic loonies. The far right white nut cases are comprised, to him, of "some very good people."

As the man with the biggest pulpit in the world he has to do better than that. Unfortunately it is obvious by now that Trump is incapable of doing so. Is it because he is racist or, at least, for a man obsessed with his political base, knows that a lot of racists exist within it. Whatever the reason you will never hear this man use the expression ``white supremacist terrorists.``




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15 minutes ago, jakeem said:

Mulvaney: ‘Absurd’ to say that Trump’s rhetoric influenced New Zealand attack

"The president is not a white supremacist," said the acting White House chief of staff. "I'm not sure how many times we have to say that"



12 minutes ago, jakeem said:

The mail bomber mentioned Trump.

The Synagogue shooter mentioned Trump.

The Coast Guard white supremacist mentioned Trump.

The New Zealand terrorist mentioned Trump.

It's almost as if there's some sort of pattern.

Well, your Central Park 5/ birther may just be another ordinary garden-variety hateful racist.

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23 hours ago, jakeem said:

Andrew Weinstein Retweeted Michael Beschloss

In case you were wondering what @realDonaldTrump was doing in 1973, he was getting sued by the Justice Department for systematically excluding African-Americans and Puerto Ricans from apartments he owned.

 Ladies & Gentlemen this predates the Central Park 5 and predates the birther nonsense.

People are what they are.

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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Jay Bookman Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Facebook, Google and Twitter are under immense public pressure to filter out racist, bigoted, white-supremacist content. Trump interprets that as being on the side of "Radical Left Democrats,"and he's probably right about that.


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1 hour ago, jakeem said:

Fox's Pavlich complains that America gets no credit for ending slavery.

"They keep blaming America for slavery, but the truth is that throughout human history slavery has existed. America came along as the first country to end it within 150 years. And we get no credit for that."

Image result for katie pavlich  on slavery

Vicious and inhumane slavery is only the beginning of the issues that we are discussing here.

We're talking about the total political and physical and psychological continued enslavement of a people due to discrimination, institutionalized racism and the historical Legacy of Jim Crow.

White terrorists Organizations threatening black people, like the Ku Klux Klan, are paramilitary and are still in existence. Often given sanction, albeit sub rosa, by legitimate local, Regional and federal governments.

Second and third class citizenship for a minority grew out of the economic system of black slavery and still continues today.

White supremacy is the foundation of slavery and the foundation continually of racism in the United States today.


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3 hours ago, cigarjoe said:

CHRONOLOGY-Who banned slavery when?

(Reuters) - Britain marks 200 years on March 25 since it enacted a law banning the trans-Atlantic slave trade, although full abolition of slavery did not follow for another generation.

Following are some key dates in the trans-atlantic trade in slaves from Africa and its abolition.

1444 - First public sale of African slaves in Lagos, Portugal

1482 - Portuguese start building first permanent slave trading post at Elmina, Gold Coast, now Ghana

1510 - First slaves arrive in the Spanish colonies of South America, having travelled via Spain

1518 - First direct shipment of slaves from Africa to the Americas

1777 - State of Vermont, an independent Republic after the American Revolution, becomes first sovereign state to abolish slavery

1780s - Trans-Atlantic slave trade reaches peak

1787 - The Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade founded in Britain by Granville Sharp and Thomas Clarkson

1792 - Denmark bans import of slaves to its West Indies colonies, although the law only took effect from 1803.

1807 - Britain passes Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, outlawing British Atlantic slave trade.

- United States passes legislation banning the slave trade, effective from start of 1808.

1811 - Spain abolishes slavery, including in its colonies, though Cuba rejects ban and continues to deal in slaves.

1813 - Sweden bans slave trading

1814 - Netherlands bans slave trading

*1817 - France bans slave trading, but ban not effective until 1826

1833 - Britain passes Abolition of Slavery Act, ordering gradual abolition of slavery in all British colonies. Plantation owners in the West Indies receive 20 million pounds in compensation

- Great Britain and Spain sign a treaty prohibiting the slave trade

1819 - Portugal abolishes slave trade north of the equator

- Britain places a naval squadron off the West African coast to enforce the ban on slave trading

1823 - Britain’s Anti-Slavery Society formed. Members include William Wilberforce

1846 - Danish governor proclaims emancipation of slaves in Danish West Indies, abolishing slavery

*1848 - France abolishes slavery

1851 - Brazil abolishes slave trading

1858 - Portugal abolishes slavery in its colonies, although all slaves are subject to a 20-year apprenticeship

1861 - Netherlands abolishes slavery in Dutch Caribbean colonies

**1862 - U.S. President Abraham Lincoln proclaims emancipation of slaves with effect from January 1, 1863;

13th Amendment of U.S. Constitution follows in 1865 banning slavery

1886 - Slavery is abolished in Cuba

1888 - Brazil abolishes slavery

1926 - League of Nations adopts Slavery Convention abolishing slavery

* Slavery was initially abolished in France during the French Revolution in 1794.

Napoleon reinstituted it in 1802.

** The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 freed no slaves.

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10 hours ago, jakeem said:

Rep. Steve King Disparages New Orleans Katrina Flood VictimsRep.

The Iowa congressman claimed a FEMA official told him that victims in New Orleans' Hurricane Katrina only asked for help, unlike Iowans who "take care of each other."


 When individuals go out of their way to tell unnecessary lies,

 it's because they have an ardent desire to show their true colors--

they just can't help it.

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White Nationalism’s Most Powerful Accelerant

".... Friday, a white supremacist massacred 50 Muslims and wounded 50 more at a pair of mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. The killer bade farewell to his fellow racists on gutter site 8chan, disseminating his inane “manifesto” via Twitter before livestreaming the atrocity on Facebook, via head-mounted camera. ...

this mass murderer, like so many who have preceded him of late, is a young man moved to violence by an international ideology of fascism—exhilarating, purpose-driven, meaningful. Ultimately, intoxicating. ......

—Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit—serve up this kind of poison on an industrial scale, mushrooming and expanding at a rate that makes catching up with the spread almost impossible. Worst of all, those consuming this hatred, which has exploded into an epidemic over the past ten years, ......

The greater problem remains structural, far bigger than the fate of any individual sleaze ****. Educating those susceptible to their messaging as to why these voices are so toxic will be a harder struggle, given the sheer scale Big Tech offers. It will not be easy to do so without meaningful action by the tech industry, which only now seems to be somewhat recognizing that they have become to America today what sidewalk display cases were to Nazi Germany. ......

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9 hours ago, mr6666 said:

Hate crimes increased 226% in places Trump held a campaign rally in 2016, study claims


  • US counties where President Donald Trump held a campaign rally saw a 226% increase in reported hate crimes compared to similar counties that did not hold a rally, political scientists at the University of North Texas said in a Washington Post analysis.
  • The scientists found that Trump's statements during the 2016 campaign "may encourage hate crimes" in the respective counties.
  • The study measured the correlation between counties that hosted a campaign rally and the crime rates in the months that followed.
  • Hate crimes in the US reportedly increased 17% in 2017 compared to the previous year, according to an annual FBI report published in November 2018.

For only love can conquer hate.

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