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Alswan S

Help for a title please

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Hello and good day!! I once saw a film that was made in the 60's (I believe) but only the beginning. The scene is in the desert where a tank was traveling aimlessly and a figure hunched over the top entry. Eventually he woke up but was in a delirium and barely managed to control the tank. The man was a British soldier and when he spoke everybody thought-for a while-that he was mad or suffering from disillusionment due to shell-shock. I don't rightly remember the rest of the story. Would anyone happen to know the title??

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Sounds like the beginning of Five Graves to Cairo, from 1943.

I saw the opening of this movie on youtube, and yes: I believe that that is the film!! The film is over magnified and the voice is at a higher pitch. It's done on purpose, and on some other views will have to join their website to watch it (not on YouTube). I'll try to locate the film and watch it. Thanks SCSU for the find!!

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