Why was the original Tron(1982) so misunderstood ?

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One of the  movies that i remember from childhood is the original Tron. The newer version is terrible. As i saw it again 30 years latter it  holds remarkably well. It posesses a kind of retro-futuristic look. And it is accurate in its depiction of computer technology (the plot, not the effects).

Did you like this film and did you undesrtand it the first time you saw it ? I would like to get opinions of generation Xers vs Millenials...thanks !

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You're likely to find more Boomers around here than Gen X or millennials, although there are a few of each wandering about from time to time.


I saw Tron in the theater back in '82 (great year for genre films, too). I enjoyed parts of it, while others left me cold. The visual aesthetic is nice and distinctive, and remains the film's highlight. I wouldn't call little people driving motorcycles and tanks around inside a really accurate description of how computer technology works, but the film doesn't shy away from its tech-head milieau. One problem the film has is a lack of really compelling characters, so the viewer isn't quite as invested in the happenings. That being said, I still listed it among my personal list of the 100 most important science fiction films of all time, as it was a harbinger of things to come, tech-wise, and it remains a cult touchstone with a sizable fanbase.

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Poltergeist, Bladerunner, ET, Raiders Of the lost Ark an other Lucas/Spielberg classics were released in those early 80's.

1982 was a great year for sci-fi !


Yes, Blade RunnerTronE.T.Poltergeist, Carpenter's The ThingStar Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the wide releases of both The Road Warrior and Conan the BarbarianQuest for Fire, Schrader's Cat PeopleSwamp ThingThe BeastmasterFriday the 13th Part 3 (Jason gets his hockey mask), and Creepshow, all in 1982. Add in other genre-friendly and cult titles like FirefoxRocky 3First BloodHalloween 3The Beast WithinSilent RageForbidden WorldFast Times at Ridgemont HighPink Floyd-The WallQ the Winged SerpentPiranha II: The SpawningThe Last Unicorn48 Hrs., and The Dark Crystal, and you can see why it's the geek culture version of 1939's Golden Year.

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Very few people HAD a computer in 1982, except for tech-geeks and office cubicle-drones (or professional programmers)--

So most of the "computer vibe" the movie had to sell its marketing to were the arcade-game kids, promising "Live-action Pac-Man!", and it...wasn't quite that.

Nowadays, the humor plays a bit better, now that we're a little more computer-literate enough to get the tech-geek jokes.


And, of course, at least it had a sense of humor, compared to its grimly and preemptively reverential '10 update, determined to enshrine the original in "rave" culture.

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