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Old TV Ad

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There was an old TV ad that was shown regularly on Saturday mornings in the early 70s, possibly late 60s. The ad featured a young boy looking at the camera with a chain locked around his head. Off camera, a man said some short phrases in a foreign language, I think, and the boy repeated them mechanically, as if he was being indoctrinated. Again, it sounded like a foreign language, but two of the words sounded like imperialism and capitalism.

I've always been intrigued about the ad and what it was about. I have searched on online sites, the Library of Congress, TV Archives, etc., but I have never been able to find any information. I've asked many people and nobody remembers it. I don't even know who sponsored it. A colleague suggested it was from the United Negro College Fund because that organization used to place plenty of ads on TV. But the boy in the ad was white and the dialog sounded foreign. Therefore I think it was related to the Cold War or something similar.

Does anybody else remember this ad?

I would very much appreciate any suggestion or lead that can help me find out more about this ad and even watch it again.


Thank you.


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