new classic Hollywood tarot deck

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Those cards are really nice. They're kind of like mini lobby card posters!

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 The Majors represent larger concepts and behind the scene intrigues of the Studio System. The Magician is The Director, The Emperor is The Mogul, The Hierophant is Will Hays and the League of Decency, the Hanged-Man is the lowly screenwriter, the Devil is the HUAC Commission and the Red Scare during the McCarthy era.


And the Tower is Greta Garbo?


It was actually thanks to the Persona videogame series that I was first introduced to the fact that the weird Tarot characters are symbolically supposed to mean something, which is how everyone can make all those judgmental fortunes in the first place:

So, it wasn't like Jane Seymour was just making it all up in "Live and Let Die".

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As a collector of playing cards, nothing beats my "Screen Legends" deck. Straightforward portraits with none of that metaphysical mumbo jumbo:



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