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13 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

okay, she's a pistol. but notice that they never have a female counterpart go through the grind that a man would.


luke lost one of his hands to his own father in the 2nd film. now watch them put only softball obstacles before daisy ridley. she'll go through the first order like krap though a goose!


Comical to see 110 pound women beat up 6'4" 250 pound men with ease in the movies...I avoid those movies...come from a different time warp...have a great day....

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he and that wacko schtootz friend of his tim burton should have been far more respectful and faithful to the basics of Dark Shadows. I actually think Depp did a very good job portraying barnabas collins but the white facial makeup was dumb, the ridiculously long fingernails were equally dumb, some icy blonde femme fatale driving around in a sports car who is supposed to be angelique was dumb and carolyn turning into a werewolf was dumb. if burton coulda just once curbed his bizarro visual inclinations he coulda built a half-decent film around what was a good dramatic performance by Depp.

a dam shame because Depp did want to honestly pay homage to jonathan frid.

now Depp is on the skids so whoo-hoo.:D

"a poor attempt, burton, and I will not have it!"

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