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December 29, 2017 TCM ON-DEMAND UPDATE

Just checked in with TCM ON-DEMAND early this AM. Rechecked a few of the listed movies to see if they would at least load and begin to play.
Looks like sometime since my post yesterday AM and Early this AM, that "somebody" at TCM Finally woke up and "Corrected" TCM's Streaming Problem.

Okay, so at minimum we lost access to the entire day of movies listed ON-DEMAND which aired a week ago on Thursday, Dec 21, 2017, and which already expired before anyone at TCM got around to this most recent "fix."

We now have been given the last few hours Remaining of the "7 Day viewing window" on Movies listed ON-DEMAND which aired last Friday, Dec 22.
We ALSO now have a Day to view any of those movies which aired on Saturday, Dec 23, (minus the late night airing of THE UNHOLY ROLLERS (1972)
which featured former Playboy Playmate Claudia Jennings as a roller derby queen. Somehow this movie which had been listed ON-DEMAND was DELETED from the now available line-up.

Of the remaining movies listed ON-DEMAND that aired from Sunday, Dec 24, through to Wednesday, Dec. 27, we have a "7 Day Viewing Window" SHORTENED by up to 5-6 days (assuming that this "fix" will last that long). So if there are any movies that aired last week that ON-DEMAND viewers wanted to watch that still have a day or two left-- better watch 'em while you can! ('cause with TCM ON-DEMAND Nobody knows when the next "break" will occur. Though the recent past appears to indicate that we can anticipate the next one within another two-three weeks at the latest.

Side Note: checked using the latest browser version Firefox (64 bit v. 57.02 released 12/6/2017) as well as an earlier version that worked well with TCM prior to this latest "crapola" (32 bit v. 55.03 released 8/24/2017). They both will currently play well with TCM on a PC in "Private Browsing Mode" so long as one enables Privacy settings to accept "ALL THIRD PARTY COOKIES" to satisfy TCM's voracious quest to implant 3rd party marketing & monitoring cookies on our PC's.
NOTE: Be sure to Revert your PRIVACY settings AND DELETE ANY Cookies, AS well as CLEAR your Browser Cache, after finished watching ANYTHING STREAMING from TCM!!!

My Assessment of this latest TCM "snafu" is that it could have been worse. Instead of losing just an entire day of ON-DEMAND features, we could have lost SEVERAL DAYS (which HAS Happened before, on MORE than one occasion).
KNOWING this about TCM, Be prepared for FUTURE ON-DEMAND FAILURES & DISAPPOINTMENTS (ANTICIPATE Them).  IF What has been happening since this last Sept (2017) is any indicator of future TCM ON-DEMAND "performance," there WILL BE ANOTHER FAILURE OF INDETERMINATE LENGTH occurring in January 2018. 
I will be very (albeit pleasantly and now suspiciously) surprised, if it doesn't.

Here's to at least "Hoping" that TCM reverses this downward trend and proves this "prediction" to be wrong!
Have a Happy New Year!

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For about the past 3 weeks, TCM on demand causes my flash player to crash. I have updated it and Firefox, but no luck. This is the latest in a LONG line of problems with this site-- and only this site. 

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From 12/28/17 to 1/6/18 TCM streaming has been working.  But, there are problems again.  I've now tried 4 films, all of which stutter.  Audio continues while video stops.  My browser and flash are up to date.  The moderator has indicated TCM is aware of the problem; hopefully, this condition will not last long.  

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