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The real reason why?

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I now know why Time Warner won't restore the wonderful World of brother Grimm,from m the original 6 perf  three strips and the mans print in Aussie,which could safely be use to restore from his country to time Warner's pro tech ,through digital telecommunication  transfer of one computer to another , Kino on video did this with two Randolph Scott films by sending the images to Germany than the whole film ,It was disappointing that tonight ,10/13/17, it was the same 65 mm print copy than a fixed up smile box version   with open and close curtains ,that David Strohmiere has no copy right to,he told me.Years ago Turner had created a standard letter box from an 65mm extant ,with the whole works,which we saw tonight ,way before their was an interest in smile boxing Cinerama classics for t.v. and home video.Time warner attitude is that why should they spend money for the same movie just to window dress it,that is what the would call it.So they say  is not worth it ,due to an available print .This is pretty stingy .As stingy as olive films would not restore the 3D movie Money from home . Another thing the 65 mm print they used from this one we saw has probably faded to magenta ,This mean they would have to pay extra money to recover the color ,if the Cinerama negative are impossible to fix.This is sad. 

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