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"Blade Runner 2049" (2017)

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A worthy sequel to Ridley Scott's original but a bit too long and slow.  The director seems to think he is making an art house drama not a sci-fi thriller.   Gosling is very good as the new blade runner but Harrison Ford could have stayed home- his character does not have the same emotional impact he had as Han Solo. 

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You're right about the dual nature of the movie: slow paced drama and sci-fi thriller intermittently combined. It was alternately very loud and very quiet. I'm not really sure why, but it made me sad in the same way that Spielberg's A. I. made me sad, maybe because the inevitability of such a stark future seems truer than ever these days. The fact that it snowed pretty nearly constantly in L.A. was kind of disquieting too. 

As for Harrison Ford, the last thing his character wanted was to get dragged into any of this again, so it makes sense that he wasn't in action hero mode. But I think you're right in suggesting that he was there primarily as an homage to the original.

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