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I can't seem to find any threads here about radio plays, so I'll start one about radio play thrillers. Here are some favourites of mine which I have heard a number of times (and again recently):

From Suspense: Till Death Do Us Part by John Dickson Carr, starring Peter Lorre. Here, an evil math prof explains to his wife what exactly he has in store for her.

From Suspense: The Devil's Saint by John Dickson Carr, starring Peter Lorre. A young man wants to marry a woman he's just met, but first he has to "get past" her eccentric and creepy uncle by following certain instructions which he has for the young man.

From Suspense: Will You Make a Bet With Death? by John Dickson Carr. A man is on a slow boat ride at a carnival with a woman, and he is explaining to her a bet which he made with his nasty stepfather...a bet about death.

From Suspense: Want Ad, starring Robert Cummings. Brilliant inverted whodunit about a crook who gets exactly what's coming to him. Of all the inverted whodunits I've seen, or read, or heard on radio, this one I think has the best ending. Highly recommended.

From Suspense: The Doctor Prescribed Death, starring Bela Lugosi. A doctor has an unusual psychological theory: someone who is suicidal can be convinced to murder someone else, and he decides to find someone suicidal to "convert", so to speak.

From Suspense: The Fountain Plays, by Dorothy Sayers, starring Edmund Gwenn. A terrific story about blackmail and skeletons in the closet of a rich British homeowner. One of her best, for sure.

From Campbell's Playhouse: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, by Agatha Christie. Orson Welles plays both Poirot and Doctor Sheppard. Edna May Oliver plays the doctor's sister. I really like Orson Welles' introduction: he has some kind words to say about murder mysteries!

From The Weird Circle: A Terrible Night. Here's an example of what can happen to those who get lost in the Canadian wilderness... haha. Be aware!

From Inner Sanctum: The Voice on the Wire. A widow on an island is being terrorized by mysterious phone calls where the same person keeps telling her that she only has a few hours to live.

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When I first saw this topic, I immediately thought of "Sorry, Wrong Number".  It was quite a famous radio play with Agnes Moorehead.  Of course, they expanded the plot a lot when it was filmed.  And it gave Barbara Stanwyck one of her four Oscar nominations.

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Oh yes, I like that radio play, too.

After the movie Sorry Wrong Number was released, the movie script was shortened and adapted for radio. Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster star in the radio play as well. I think it's part of Lux Radio. (I can't remember.)

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