Your Favourite Foreign Language Films Up to 2015

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  1. Hamlet, Grigoriy Kozintsev, USSR - 8/10
  2. Charulata, Satyajit Ray, India - 8/10
  3. Three Outlaw Samurai, Hideo Gosha, Japan - 8/10
  4. Diary of a Chambermaid, Luis Bunuel, France
  5. Adventures of Zatoichi, Kimiyoshi Yasuda, Japan
  6. Seduced and Abandoned, Pietro Germi, Italy
  7. Intentions of Murder, Shohei Imamura, Japan
  8. Attack and Retreat, Giuseppe De Santis, Italy
  9. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Sergei Parajanov, USSR
  10. Cruel Gun Story, Takumi Furukawa, Japan
  11. Assassination, Masahiro Shinoda, Japan
  12. The Soft Skin, Francois Truffaut, France
  13. Red Desert, Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy
  14. Hercules Against Rome, Piero Pierotti, Italy



I've also seen:


  • Death Ray of Dr. Mabuse, Hugo Fregonese & Victor De Santis, West Germany
  • Gertrud, Carl Theodor Dreyer, Denmark
  • Black Sun, Koreyoshi Kurahara, Japan
  • Hercules, Prisoner of Evil, Antonio Margheriti & Ruggero Deodato, Italy
  • All These Women, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden
  • Nadja in Paris, Eric Rohmer, France - (short)
  • Diamonds of the Night, Jan Nemec, Czechoslovakia
  • War of the Zombies, Giuseppe Veri, Italy


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Black Sabbath (1963) Mario Bava, Italy- 5/10-  three horror stories are narrated by Boris Karloff. A prostitute stalked by the ghost of a former lover, a ring haunted by its owner and my favorite story - the elderly vampire who seeks to get revenge on his family. This Bava film is a fun way to spend a couple hours. A fun fact too is that the band got their name from this film. 

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  1. Tokyo Olympiad, Kon Ichikawa, Japan - 9/10
  2. Simon of the Desert, Luis Bunuel, Mexico - (short) 8/10
  3. I Knew Her Well, Antonio Petrangeli, Italy - 8/10
  4. Zatoichi's Revenge, Akira Inoue, Japan
  5. Subarnarekha, Ritwik Ghatak, India
  6. Zatoichi and the Doomed Men, Kazuo Mori, Japan
  7. Yoyo, Pierre Etaix, France
  8. Pleasures of the Flesh, Nagisa Oshima, Japan
  9. Man Is Not a Bird, Dusan Makavejev, Yugoslavia
  10. Le Bonheur, Agnes Varda, France



I've also seen:


  • Ironfinger, Jun Fukuda, Japan
  • Pearls of the Deep, Vera Chytilova & Jaromil Jires & Jiri Menzel & Jan Nemec & Evald Schorm, Czechoslovakia
  • Marco the Magnificent, Denys de La Patelliere & Raoul Levy & Noel Howard, Italy/France
  • The Moment of Truth, Francesco Rosi, Italy
  • Hercules the Avenger, Maurizio Lucidi, Italy


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