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This was shown last week some time on TCM in Los Angeles. It was a 1970's style movie about a woman who gets involved with a robber - I think it was set in New York - I never seen it before and I fell asleep before I could see the name of the movie,although the description said "MOVIE" with no further info- any help? 

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That was Wanda (1970), one of the movies put into the Library of Congress National Film Archive this year.

Here's more info about the movie:

Wanda isn't 5 hours, though. The 5-hour programming block put up by most schedules was because TCM had to keep secret what was being shown until the LoC made their official announcement about what films were being added to the Archive this year. TCM ended up showing 4 or 5 of them, plus a documentary about the Film Archive.

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Wow it was so 70's and sad and disturbing at the same time- BUT very interesting (a laugh in reference) Thanks I hope they show it again

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