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Hiutch had more then a healthy infatuation with his leading ladies though!

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Sorry to damper this to his mammoth legion of fans & it's obviously Alfred Hitchcock-(l899-l980) is quite possibly our all-0time runner-up finest filmmaker   Thing is he rteally had a BIG PROBLEM with his leadiong ladies, most notably *Oscar winner Grace Kelly-(l929-l982) not that he got cute with the future Princess Grace, but it's widely known he was truly "In Love" with her rest of his life!


As for the nightmare Tippi Hedren-(l931-) went through with him  first on the terrificly scary 1963 "The Birds" (***1/2) & then, certified it with 1964's good (***) "Marnie   He once delivered a giuft package to her door wanting her for the latter & Melanie Griffith opened iot up first & it was her mother dressed in same outfit & pecked a lot from "The Birds" & in a little coffin no less!?

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This on line course, which took place over the summer, focused more on Hitch's prolific work of film then what went on behind the scenes. There simply wasn't enough time to go over that, although we did watch a clip of Tippi on TCM talking about Hitch from a few years ago. The professor of the course offered many resources where I am sure Hitch' s behavior w/leading ladies is more examined. However, I'm sure that the course syllabus and objectives was to avoid drama and examine the work and how Hitch influenced others, and continues to even to this day. Does this excuse his behavior or condone it? Absolutely not. But his work is important to the overall study of film.

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