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Miranda Keefe

What is this movie?

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I'm sure this was made in the late 30s or early pre-war 40s.  A dapper gentleman is on a train with a friend when this cute little girl, maybe 7 or so, begins visiting with them.  She is charming and funny.  Meanwhile her governess in their stateroom is killed.  The dapper gentleman takes the girl under his wing and makes sure she gets home when they arrive in the city.  But the murderers call the police and lie that he's kidnapped the girl.  After that gets straightened out he develops a friendship with the little girl and a romance with her young-adult sister.  There's some kind of strange goings on and the little girl won't say except she needs to get out of the house where she's kept a prisoner and wants to live with him.

I spent a lot of time trying to find out what this film is.  I know I saw it on TCM.  I thought at first the dapper gentleman was Cary Grant- but none of his films on IMDB fit this.  I'm sure the little girl is NOT Shirley Temple, this actress seemed more mature, acting like an adult in love with the dapper gentleman, even though she was around 7; not cute little baby girl like Temple.

This had comedic quality to it, but was still a mystery.

Anybody know what film this is?

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YES!  We watched a bunch of Falcon films that night, but I forgot that plot was one of them.  Tom Conway definitely was a dapper gentleman as the Falcon.

Thank you, Marysara1.  Now I can sleep easy instead of obsessing over this!

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