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Welcome to our New York City chapter of TCM! 

This is a great place for folks to post their thoughts, suggestions, opinions, and start any topic as well. For example, of our 70 members (as of 1/6/18) we know that many are from New Jersey, Long Island, and even Connecticut! Well, here in this forum, we could have a topic titled "New Jersey movie group" for folks planning any movie viewing in the Garden State.

We also know that members who work in Manhattan get together at times for conversation; we could call that topic "Monthly Movie Talk Meetings" or something suitable.

Some of our members can use the "insert other media" link below or attach files of themselves when they were interviewed for TCM, or show photos of TCM-related events. Or just share pictures.

In 2017, one of our founding-five members asked some "getting to know your movie tastes" questions so maybe Claire will now post those same questions in a new topic here....

The idea is to make this forum your very own, all you wonderful Osborne Legacy Chapter members :-)



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Hello ebegley2!  I'm a Long Islander, and since I'm almost never in NYC, I was thinking of starting up a Long Island (specifically Suffolk County) chapter.  Are there rules about how many chapters can be run in one state?  I'm guessing that to have a chapter, there would be meetings/gatherings involved, and it would be easier to have a chapter local enough that it wouldn't be four hours (round trip) and over $50 in travel fees to attend.  Any ideas?   I'd love to hear more about leading a chapter!

Kind regards,


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Hello Withnail, my name is Richard also from Long Island and would also like to be part of a Long Island group. Perhaps we can discuss how best to proceed. Thanks 

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