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Desperately Seeking a Title to a Film (with little information)

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Over a decade ago I woke in the middle of the night/early morning hours and caught the last several mins of a film that has haunted me since.

It was an older (presumably American) film, perhaps pre-code, so obviously it was in black and white. The setting was in the arctic or some snow covered hell and the final scene was of two men in dire straits conversing with one another in what appeared to be a decrepit shelter attempting to shield themselves from the elements rather unsuccessfully.  

The one man was telling a story to the other of a time he went to the pictures by himself and happened to see a pretty girl who was also taking in a show by her lonesome. I believe a smile was exchanged, but that was all.  He then went on to speculate how his life would have been different had he approached her and how to this moment he still regrets doing nothing.

By the end the tale his partner is dead, from the elements I presume, and the story teller simply rises, heading out in to the raging snow storm presumably/knowingly to his own death...with that image we get a fitting “The End” plastered on the screen. 

All these years later  I still think back to this movie and the beautiful sadness it left me feeling.  I know this movie will quite possibly never live up to the heights I have lifted it to in my memory, but on my deathbed it will haunt me if I never get to see it again in full!!

I am on my knees begging!!

Cinephiles of TCM, you are my only hope!!



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Did you ever get an answer to this question?  Sounds like a movie I'd love to see.

I took a quick look at both movies mentioned above - but they don't seem to match. I also did a little research but couldn't come up with anything. 


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It also sounds like a movie I would like to see, but was simply able to come up with anything that fit. There are a lot of unanswered questions of this type in this thread. Available search engines do not seem to be very useful in finding a movie by description. I agree that the two movies suggested do not match.

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Regretfully, I have yet to find a thing....Sadly, it has been quite the source of anxiety for me.

I once thought of attempting to reach out to the all knowing film expert, Robert Osborne, thinking he’d perhaps be my best chance of an answer.  However, I am not a social media person and had zero ways of reaching wasn’t till after his passing that I discovered this board...over a year before this post I had made another attempt on the board looking for an assist, but that did not pan out either.

I love movies... I don’t drink, don’t use drugs, don’t play video games, never touched a golf club...movies are my escape from will haunt me till my dying day if I don’t get the chance to see this film’s closing scene again, let alone in its entirety.  

When I caught the final few minutes of this elusive film, my life was pretty grim...I was in the perfect place emotionally to be moved by what I saw. That scene hit home hard with me as who hasn’t had that moment where we blew the opportunity of a potential connection with someone then add the beautifully meloncholly, yet brave, ending to it and i was in love with that film.

I remember digging through the garbage to find that day’s paper, hoping to find the tile, but instead discovering “To be announced” in its late night time slot.

If there is any justice in this world, and I am not certain there is, the title will be revealed to me and I will gladly go online and buy an overpriced bootleg of inferior quality ;-)

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