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A Very Unholy Holly Golightly

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You remember that I once asked about the viability of a villainous Audrey Hepburn; you also know about those marvelous CGIs in which Marilyn and Princess Grace come back to life.

Consider this scenario: there is a conflict, similar to those in many Crawford and Davis movies, and Audrey tries to intervene as a conciliatory pacifier. Her well intentioned efforts backfire so badly that the result is total disaster. Everybody not involved in the conflict admires her good will, and consoles her for her gallant efforts. At the conclusion she is alone; the camera closes in on her face, and she stares back at the camera. Her grieving face changes to a smile, and little by little her smile broadens and becomes more self-satisfied. The images of her smile are intermingled with flashbacks of the story, and little by little it is revealed that she manipulated the events to bring about the total disaster that was the result (she was motivated by revenge, if not indeed by sheer malice). The last shot is of her full face, smiling a smug malevolent sadistic leer!:o

Think about it: wouldn't a role like this have made LA PRINCESA QUE QUERIA VIVIR=THE PRINCESS WHO WANTED TO HAVE SOME FUN (the Spanish title of ROMAN HOLIDAY) one of the most terrifying movie villainesses ever?

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I would watch a film like that in a heartbeat, simply to see Audrey portraying a villainous character for once. It would certainly be a change of pace. If this were true, I think she would absolutely be one of the most terrifying evil characters, simply due to the overall positive connotations I (and the general public) associate her with. 

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