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True Love conquers Totalitarianism in these 2 spy thrillers

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middle-aged love, and the terrors of night time BERLIN---two touching spy tales from the Cold War, and WW2:

SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD - Richard Burton and Claire Bloom have a few moments of happiness before the bullets fly.

ALONE IN BERLIN - Brendan Gleeson and Emma Thompson wage their own sort of "war" against Nazi Germany, leaving notes telling the "truth" in random locations in Berlin.


(Richard Burton, Claire Bloom)


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'The Spy Who Came in from the Cold' always gets my vote as one of the most faithful and best book-to-movie adaptations in cinema. It's outstanding; devastating...fully on par with the history-making novel, (albeit in its own medium).

The other one you mentioned... no, can't say I ever heard of it or even know the actors names. Its Greek to me.

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ALONE IN BERLIN is based on real people---a husband and wife who set out to "inform" people in Berlin about the Nazis with postcards left where they might be found and read. A lot were!

They got the death sentence for this, but their story is wonderful. Not content with keeping silent, they did SOMETHING at least.

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