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Really bad but classic movies.

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On 2/8/2018 at 6:36 PM, Sepiatone said:

Yeah.  And I wonder what Lugosi would have thought about MARTIN LANDAU'S performance.

And I STILL wonder if Bela ever called Karloff "That limey ****sucker!" :D

And didn't VINCE D'ONOFRIO make a convincing ORSON WELLES? 

Most of Ed Wood is a crock fantasia which, despite its pasted-on book credit, seems to be fourth-grade-school-report cribbing all its "facts" out of the same three pages of Michael Medved's "Golden Turkey Awards" that everyone else read.  (Wood's partner Alex Gordon, who co-wrote and produced "Bride of the Monster", is completely missing from the Golden-Turkey-verse version of the story, despite the fact that Gordon introduced Lugosi to Wood as a possible star.)  No comment on screenwriter Larry Karaszewski's private life, but a pottymouthed Bela and a focus on Ed's crossdressing is the version he would write...'Nuff said.

And while Lugosi grumbled about passing up Frankenstein (or playing Frankenstein in "Ghost of"), he was reportedly friends with Karloff, appearing in that one "sinister" Hollywood chess match for a Hollywood event.


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