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Hi There,  I am a new Backlot member living in Central Massachusetts and I'm looking to join or start a Backlot Chapter in New England.   Anyone interested?  Please feel free to contact me via facebook at teresa.carson.16  or Twitter @tlcarson13 [...]

Hope to hear from you soon!  Let's Movie!

Teresa Carson

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I was at the Marlborough screening of Treasure of the Sierra Madre this past Sunday and I saw so many faces there, I wanted to reach out to each and every one to ask if they wanted to form a local chapter.  But on second though....just a tad bit strange.  I'm not the creepy type, but I do want to reach out and connect.

C'mon.  I know there are some more locals out here that love movies as much as I do.


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Just bumping this up again to see if anyone is interested in a New England chapter.  

I'd be willing to do the admin work.  Just need enough bodies to form a chapter.


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