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The Cloverfield Paradox

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Any of you posters who have Netflix, and if you like science fiction/thrillers, the streaming service is posting the film tonight after the Super Bowl. I've been reading about this movie for quite some time when it was still an unrelated SF film called God Particle. It has since been added as the third "Cloverfield" movie, although like the second one, it should have little to nothing to do with the first film, instead the name serving as an umbrella under which various SF properties will be released. The producers were aiming at a theatrical release this Spring, but then they sold it to Netflix which has decided to just stream it instead of releasing it. I don't think that bodes well for the movie's quality, but it has a good cast.

Anyway, if someone watches it soon, please post thoughts or reviews of it.


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I have never been crazy about "Cloverfield" - the first one I found specially annoying shot in that shaky found footage style that makes no sense to me specially if you are been chased by a monster - and we never got a real good look at the creature.

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