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there are a handful of GG episodes I won't watch because they have not aged well- A LITTLE ROMANCE (where Rose dates a little person), the one where Dorothy's son marries a middle aged black lady (it's patronizing in tone) and the one where Blanche's daughter Becky shows up in a Fat Suit are ones where I just can't. 

and also the backdoor pilot episode when RITA MORENO comes over and they all act like they Know Her.

But I'm down with all the others...and some are downright timeless (the ones with Blanche's gay brother come to mind)


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Well, not every episode was a classic. They got a bit sloppy with Dorothy and Blanche's kids. Not keeping track. I saw the opening episode not too long ago and had forgotten they had a houseboy/cook, but I guess he was dropped after the first episode. I admit Rose and Ma could get on my nerves with their shtick. But Blanche and Dorothy always drew me back in.........

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