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WWII aircraft carrier chaplain

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Back araound 1963 or 1964 I saw a black and white movie on Saturday moring television about an aircraft carrier chaplain and a sailor whom he talked with banding together to save fellow sailors who were trapped somewhere near an ammo magazine. The sailor knew his way around the ship through air ducts and together the two were able to dump the ammunition overboard and save the lives of the trapped men. I cant remember the name of the movie or who starred in it but would be very interested to see if anyone else has an info on this film.

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I'll bet the film you're referring to is "Battle Stations," released in 1956. John Lund played "Father Joseph McIntyre" which is the main reason this film sticks in my memory. "Father McIntyre" is a fictional character but was based on a real Navy chaplain, LtCdr Joseph O'Callahan, who won the Medal of Honor for his heroism aboard USS FRANKLIN when it was badly damaged by Japanese bombs on March 19, 1945, off Japan. William Bendix, Richard Boone, and Claude Akins also are in the film.


This film apparently isn't available on home video, but since it was released by Columbia, TCM may now have access to it. You should ask them to run it for Memorial Day.


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