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Here are some Oscar winning actors/actresses who worked in silent films:

Joan Crawford

Norma Shearer

Marie Dressler

Janet Gaynor

Mary Pickford

Loretta Young

Claudette Colbert

Clark Gable

Gary Cooper

Ronald Colman

Emil Jannings

George Arliss

Wallace Beery

Victor McLaglen

Lionel Barrymore

Charles Laughton

John Wayne

Ray Milland

Alice Brady

Ethel Barrymore

Mary Astor

Donald Crisp

Joseph Schildkraut

Walter Brennan

Edmund Gwenn


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Enjoyed reading your list as so many stars of silents did not go on to long careers in talkies. Just last night I was enjoying watching George Arliss in "Transatlantic Tunnel". But the one you mention who I am just enamored of, is Joseph Schildkraut. Such a talented performer, and he was graced with the looks, temperament and sophistication to play in so many costume dramas and make them believable. In the silent "King of Kings" he is magnificent as Judas Iscariot, yet he could be touching in other dramatic parts too. My favorite role of his is in Lubitsch's "The Shop Around the Corner". Could anyone be more snarky, or pretentious? As great as the cast is, Schildkraut's role as the employee with sartorial splendour and toadie qualities, really makes the film come alive since he is such a wonderful protagonist to the Jimmy Stewart part. Way later he of course won praise in "The Diary of Anne Frank" and I still remember his most heartbreaking role in the "Twilight Zone" episode where he and his wife were to trade in their outer shell bodies for new ones, but could afford to spend only for one. So thanks for mentioning Schildkraut as he gets little recognition now, but still deserves it in my opinion. Thanks, drednm!

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So many started in silent films. And yet so many people still think that silent films and talkies were two totally different mediums and that there was no cross-over.

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