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On 3/16/2018 at 5:30 AM, TopBilled said:

Glad you mentioned Naked City. It seemed to work better in the hour-format. The half-hour episodes from the first season don't go as in-depth. So many excellent guest stars, quite a few "before they were famous." 

I actually liked the half hour episodes better, they were a bit tighter and had more New York-eese stuff like the sidewalk fishermen. The longer episodes were more interiors and exposition.

My list

Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer

Alfred Hitchcock Presents 

Naked City

The Fugitive

The Outsider

The Rockford Files

Coronet Blue 


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bravo, Uncle Joe. In a highly over-saturated field, (America has the highest crime rate in the world, in television) my list (cop shows!) is fairly short

  • Police Story
  • Hill Street Blues
  • Barney Miller

Ha! You Sopranos fans, I've never seen a single episode! I wouldnt sully my eyeballs with it. Seriously that show caused devastation in New York. More actual crime from that series than it was worth. Deaths and pain and injuries. Mafia admiration is just wrong.

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