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Was there already a John Payne thread?

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20 minutes ago, Sepiatone said:

I friend and his ex married in '72, just a couple of months after me and MY ex hitched.


Well, unless my ex was a bigamist at that time, I guess it had to be a different doppelganger.... 
Kinda funny how the genetic code seems to repeat itself in unrelated families.
I've had a lot of screen crushes in my time.
Had a bad yen for Hedy when I was a kid. And fell badly for any sweet young thing that approximated her.
And in junior high there was this girl who could have been the much younger sister, or daughter look-alike of Elizabeth Taylor. I was so ga ga about her that I became speechless whenever she looked in my direction.
And ordinarily I was the bold type that never seemed to have any issues about just strolling up and talking with any girl. Not so with that one (and a few others)...
Now that I think about it, it seems like whenever I was seriously attracted to some young thing, I would get all self conscious and embarrassed (and my body would begin to make these "funny" uncontrollable sounds). :o
I think that is why I took to drama in H.S., as a way to put on a character face and just pretend that I was Errol Flynn or some dashing ne'er do well. So when I was rejected (as I was on numerous occasions) I could pretend that it wasn't me but rather Brando or Errol that they just didn't appreciate. -_-

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