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Sanders to publish book, 'Where We Go From Here,' after midterms

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Sanders to publish book, 'Where We Go From Here,' after midterms

Sen. Bernie Sanders will publish a book titled "Where We Go From Here" a week after the 2018 midterm elections, St. Martin's Press announced Wednesday -- a move likely to stoke speculation about the 2016 presidential candidate's 2020 ambitions.

According to a news release from the publisher, Sanders will take aim at President Donald Trump in the book and appeal to the liberal base that powered his insurgent bid for the presidency four years ago.

"Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign was a beginning, not an end. In his new book, America's most popular political figure speaks about what he's been doing to oppose the Trump agenda and strengthen the progressive movement and how we go forward as a nation," the release says.

Sanders has maintained that he is undecided about a 2020 presidential bid. But in the meantime, he's done everything to keep the option open.


Bernie is getting richer off of another book deal, anyone who doesn't see through this guy by now must be blind.

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Bernie Sanders’ bad week doesn’t bode well for 2020

For one of the first times since the election, Bernie Sanders just had a really rough week. The Vermont senator made a series of bone-headed remarks, which while not particularly painful at the moment, could cost him if repeated in the future.

The senator’s problematic week began with an appearance on Meet the Press on Feb. 18, when he made two remarks that had probably had his communications team smacking themselves in the head later. First, he claimed that “40 percent of the guns in this country are sold without any background checks.” That’s an outdated statistic, which the Washington Post deemed a “zombie fact” and it earned him four of the paper’s dreaded “Pinocchios.”

In that same interview, Sanders had another slip-up.

In the wake of the latest Robert Mueller indictment, it was revealed that Russian actors were supporting his candidacy to sow divisiveness.

On Meet the Press, Sanders claimed that his campaign warned Clinton about Russian interference. Sanders said that “one of our social media guys in San Diego actually went to the Clinton campaign in September and said something weird is going on.”

Unfortunately for Sanders, that’s not exactly what happened.


This probably explains why the only thing he ever did as a Senator was name a post office.

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