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Hot Asian girls :)

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In the wake of Hot Red Heads

Lets hear it for hot Asians in movie?

Are there any ?

Of course...I cant think of anyone NOW...but.....wait here they come

Well Lucy Liu ?

Monster Zero (Godzilla) had Miss Namikawa

Dagora the Space Monster had a **** in there

Mie Hama ??

the Girls from Green Snake ...

Im trying to think of some older movies, but they were stereotyped back then...

I love Asian girls !!!

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Share on other sites stole my hot Asian. I also love Michelle Yeoh and DSC, d'ya remember Mie Hama in "You Only Live Twice" and "What's Up Tiger Lily?"?


Though the thread's title sounds like a Personal Ad in the Village Voice, I must admit that Vivian Wu,Gong Li and the exquisite JOAN CHEN top the list. She's very very beautiful. And when I saw "Three Days of the Condor" a coupla weeks ago on TCM (yep a film that wasn't made in the 1940's classic-era), there's was another beauty: Tina Chen.


But let's remember the grandmamama of them all ANNA MAY WONG.


If only all these ladies were given real cinematic opportunities and not, you know what I mean.

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ooooohh......I almost forgot Rosalind Chao......!!!!! She married Klinger on MASH in the last episode.

WOW I forgot about Tina Chen in 3-days.....pity she had such a small part.

And Maggie Q in Die Hard 4............!

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