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Mighty Mouse Show

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How I loved the old Mighty Mouse show - these were half hour gems, I watched every Saturday

morning - How well I remember. Heckle and Jeckle ...Farmer Alfafa...and the rest... I wish the Cartoon Channell would show these oldies , One cartoon was my very favorite, it was called Krakatoa Katie and my sister and I memorized the song she sang ;

Krakatoa Katie she is no lady;

When she wears her fancy sarong;

But one day she danced very hard;

and tempted the volcano god;

Katy, Katy-Krakatoa Kate.

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I wonder if the Viacom holdings have this one with the original theatrical titles. Sometimes they'd cut them off and replace the TV openings right on the preservation negative.

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they are a fav 2

sat morning cartoons r such a drag now-just toy sales-

even postman pat-lol

Heckle and J were like Chip n/ Dale, they created choas-

and destroyed everything, ate everything and drove someone crazy-

so funny and exciting to watch-but politically incorrect?(see bugs Bunny thread)


Hear I come to save the Day!

probably Andy Kaufmans funniest bit-we sure could use MM now!!lol

I suggested they show a few cartoons before the features on TCM instead of promo promo promo-they're preaching to the choir-come on mr projector man lets roll the first cartoon!


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I agree with you about the cartoons before the movie! The promos are wonderful to watch but a cartoon shown before TCMs featured movie would be awesome! Cartoons were my favorite part of going to the movies.

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