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Old Acquaintance/Chicago Fire

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Hello everyone. I'm new to the board. Did anyone see the movie Old Acquaintance from 1943 or watch the television series Chicago Fire? I think Kit Marlowe and Millie Drake correlate with Kelly Severide and Matt Casey. They both have the same professions. Kit and Millie are authors and Kelly and Matt are firefighters. One from each have the same first initials and both Matt and Millie are successful. Matt is a captain in the CFD and Millie is a successful author with lots of money. Kelly is a rank below Matt and Kit is not as successful as Millie. Both men and both women are considered frenemies because their relationships go back and forth. It's just something I thought of. Can anyone else see any other correlations between the 4 of them?

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Welcome to the boards.  But....

It's been years since I've seen the movie, and never watched the TV show you mention, so have no idea about it's characters or what the hell you're talking about.   ;)


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