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Watch TCM works pretty well for me, but...

(First... this is about Watch TCM on PC, not 'mobile'.)

Watch TCM movie listing/info. 
- Details:   Clicking "Details" in a movie's listing brings up an image and to the right is a brief information display... in a Large, Empty Space.
  At the top of this displayed info is the movie's rating, length, and... a 'category', usually, such as Comedy, Drama, etc.  However, more often lately, I find it very irritating when I see a 'category' of "Adaptation". I can't see how that's useful.  I don't really care whether it's an "adaptation" or not... I'd like to know the genre category, at-a-glance, not an origin classification.  Since there's so much empty space... once could still include both the origin and a genre category. I think what many viewers are looking for is the GENRE of the film, to decide what to watch, plus...   
- Starring:   It is commendable for TCM to list the lesser known actors, however... this now seems to be done by omitting the major stars and/or well-known actors of the movie.  I really want to know whose work I'm going to be watching... I most often base my viewing on Genre and Principal Actors.  There's PLENTY of Room to show the majority of the Cast in the Empty Space available in the PC version of Watch TCM.  (The mobile version doesn't even provide a 'Details' display, so it's not necessary to conserve space.)  if you're going to list the people 'starring' in the movie... you ought to list the Stars... followed by the rest of the Cast... as space permits... with there being a lot of space.  The notable, recognizable 'stars' are not always in the image presented, nor necessarily recognizable as the image isn't all that 'big'.

If the Details and Starring: matter to you, you might click the Contact Us button and say so.

(It would also be a benefit if we could 'subscribe' directly just to Watch TCM over the Internet without the necessity of a cable subscription.)

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I have just been fussing about the same thing.  What format is being used?  Looks like names rolled into a Bingo cage and randomly selected.  I could understand in order of appearance, or even alphabetically, but this.....

Can ANYONE offer an explaination?


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