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(*-always indicates an *AMPAS winner)

Obviously 3 time *Academy Award contender & also 1956 annual $Box-0ffice$ champ *William Holden-(l9l8-8l) is TCM's STOTM for this month of April-(NOTE: For those that already know who is that for May?)


& just wanted to throw in my 2 or 3 cents on my personal candidates for what Mr. 0sborne would call "The Seentials" & all were limited to just 4 flix, same as his marvelous monthly GP's-("Guest Programmers")


1st things first his noms & wins for >

1950 "Sunset Blvd" (Paramount) (leading actor nod but *J. Ferrer as "Cyrano de Bergerac" won that year instead)

1953 *Stalag 17" (Paramount) (the role of his career as Sefton & had strong competition to win with Brando in "Julius Caesar"

 Montgomery Clift & Burt Lancaster in "From Here to Eternity"  & Richard Burton in "The Robe"-(FOOTNOTE: *"The Great: Tracy" actually won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama in "The Actress" but received for a change no nomination for this terrificly done work in the Cukor production & should have in Burton's slot. Burton was later a heavyweight actor & speaking/narration voice, but even Leonard Maltin writes his work in "The Robe" was stiff & dull. & I knew remaining family of *Tracy's-(lived in Action CALIF. then) & Cyndi T. virtually refused to believe he ever won a Globe? So she went into other rm & saw I was on the $$$ It would eventually gave him a grand total of all (10) Nominations though.   Next time theunderrated 7 somewhat laconic *Bill & his last was the staggeringly volcanic 1976 "Network" though as most now insists he really had the leading role & it's anchor, don't get me wrong *Finch was sooo brilliant, but only totally had approx. 22 minutes screen time.

(FACT/FUN: *Holden came in at the bottom unfortunately at 25th in 199's "AFI's 100yrs...100 Stars")

& ion recent yrs the likes of our own R. 0sborne, A. Baldwin, Bill Murray=-"Stalag" is a pic he says he can't satop watching) & even 2 time *Academy victor *Kevin Costner idolizes *Holden & a role model) & Paramount always planned to cadst both Aldo Ray & Eli Wallach in the roles of Robert E. Lee Prewitt & Maggio)


& My "Essential *Wiliam Holden movies, or If I were have a Film Festival of his>

  1st "Sunset Blvd"-(utlra close w/"Stalag" though)

  2nd "Stalag 17"-(can you believe this is where the '60's sitcom from?)

 3rd  "From Here to Eternity" -(swept 8 *Oscars as most know reading this. An Aside but this is among the top war films, but for my money "Shane" still stands up the test of time)

4th *"Bridge on the River Kwai" (l957-British/Columbia)-(again he had more story/vocal point then *Oscar winner *Alec Guinness, nonetheless a true 1950's era & more tremendous WWII drama. *Alec's 1 & only acting *Oscar victory & pretty certain it was between this & Must always be included among Hollywoods top ten war-films)-(SEE BELOW "WIOLD BUNCH" which I like even more monthly)

& 5th, but not really, this utterly game changing Western changed all the rules of Hollywoods oldest film genre & by doing to they invented the MPAA-('67's "B & C" started it rolling of course) It is "The Wild Bunch" (l969) & back to my 135-50 books, many vote "WB" as among the all-time all-around greatest films! Now this got nominations for it's Screenplay, Editing, Score-(Jerry Feilding), & that was about it? & think it was author Danny Peary of "Alternate Oscars" & said he without question there were the greatest horse soldiers of all-time. AN ACADEMY CO "WB" & his terrific "Cable Houg""(Jason Robards l970 3  1/2but this isn't mostly about  & don't 4-get the splendid 1974 "Wild Rovers" (***1/2) among his finest roles opposite Ryan 0'Neal. (ON SECOIND THOUGHT "WB" is now my 4th "Essential" of his, "Pike"


*Bill's biggest $B.O.$ smash early on was 1956's "Picnic" but that was only a year before *"KWAI"  "Love Was a Many Splendored Thing" (l955) (not only a big *Oscar contender, winning 3, but was another financial biggie. & then of course an epic & another disaster epic by Irwin Allen 1974's "The Towering Inferno" (as a kid of maybe 11 at best McQueen was my 1st hero from The Silver-Screen & my best friend used to go to it daily & "Jaws"-(same dumpy theater in Delaware, then as most kids do we'd act out the pts I however had to always be in Steve's role. HIS DEMISE WAS VERY, VERY SAD ALLEDGEDLY COMING INTO HIS SANTA MOINCA APTS & WAS SOOO DRUNK-(coroner when finally finding the actors'  body said he had consumned 3 bottles & alone of vodka. & this always bothered me for such a super star, nobody even discovered his body for several days, so & this is gruesome they couldn't even recognize his remains  & Osbo said after airing the only fair (**1/2) 1966 Western "Alvarez" opposite Widmark, he really, really started to hit that bottle-(TIP: CHECK OUT HIS INTERVIEWS ON YOUTUBE WITH JOHNNY!


(an early debit at just age 21 for the actor that error was taking on 1939's "GOLDEN BOY" (**1/2 at best) Obviously the main problem the too young *Bill Holden, taking a role that the more cutting edge, tough & dynamic performer at the time JOHN GARFIELKD-(l9l3-52) HAD PLAYED ON STAGE & WAS TAILOR MADE FOR THAT NOW FAMED ROLE     ANYONE AGREE? 


& on the top side & his penultimate production was Blake Edwards 1981 "S.B.O." (**1/2-overall & most of the over the top comedy was too much, however *Holden, R. Preston-(maybe his finest hour), & Robert Webber & not 4-0get their dead guest Richard Mulligan-(ACTUALLY BASED ON A TRUE INCIDENT IN H. HILLS W/ W.C. Fields, Flynn, Gene Fowler & John Barrymore-(won't give it all away, look it up, please)  These 3-4 were absolutely more than marvelous together at it's final & stick around when the go fishing "A VIKING'S FUNERAL" 







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