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Can anyone tell me what the participant experience is like for these types of courses?  It looks fun and I'm thinking of doing it, but it's a bit hard to tell from the outside.

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A the magazine (Premiere)  one conducted a few polls & in each genre *& "Singin' I The Rain" won

Barely over "Wizard of OZ"


Weserns voted The Searchers"




(War): "Apocalypse NOW":


Horror films went to 1935's "Bride of Frankenstein"

& as for best Westerns yet, they voted  

& a couple I recall, from that paper was for best comedy was  "Some Like It Hot" but suddenly sopped? & almost forget 1979's eic "Apocalypse Now' voted A #1 easily chosen as Hollywoods a #1 all time Western


ALSO-=RAN: was & still is his own favorite work of his was "The Invisible Man" (l939 or 1940)

L/N/Mayer simply espised movie coic!



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