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DARKEST HOUR - "underground folks" meet Churchill

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This somber, sometimes GRIM movie has some bright spots.

A marmalade cat under Churchill's bed, a corgi dog begging at the King's lunch table.

But the "epic" adventure scene is Churchill getting on the Underground from St. James Park station to Westminster station.

There he meets a cross-section of Londoners, with TONS of "subtext" about them that the Director's commentary hints at,

to leave us wondering.

An inter-racial couple ---  a woman who is "obviously" a Socialist because she wears a plaid shirt and a beret (?) --

--- an adorable infant who looks like Churchill ---- other folks of various accents that are imperceptible to an American audience, as well.

But again, Churchill dominates the scene (as he did everywhere in life.)

A great addition (esp. "underground") to WW2 movies set in London.

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That is a great scene, but it never happened. Most of the film was historically accurate but that subway scene was a fabrication. 

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Very true (or untrue!) I know-they talked about it in the commentary track.

Fiction tells truth that reality obscures, though.

IRL, Churchill was constantly drinking, and because of this asthma/emphysema (or simply his smoking) he was unable to negotiate the stairs up and down to the basement "war rooms" and had to be carried both ways.

They have never referred to this in films about Churchill, but it is the truth.

Or, at least, what they told us when we toured the actual "war rooms" in London.

(I LOVE the underground scene, though Churchill probably couldn't have negotiated the steps up and down into the Underground system. But that doesn't mean it isn't true)

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