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Title of short subject film about cooking with fancy knives?

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Who can tell me the name of the short that aired today after All That Heaven Allows and before Why Worry? It is black and white and it played originally at a particular movie theater because one could order a set of knives at the theater, according to the script. It is a precursor to the infomercials we've all seen over these past decades.

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 "Delicious Dishes, 1950":  I saw this too..mincing parsley, using a melon baller (but called it a French scoop, or something..) It isn't really a shiort, I imagine it was part of a promotion by a theatre company (that owned theatres in several cities) and they ran it in all their theatres..every week you could get a new gadget, keep people coming back.  I saw it between two other films, so evidently tcm just uses it for a filler..but it's not available on demand.  I was just get one corkscrew potato thing out of a potato?  seems like a real waste...

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